lavway- French: la voix – was the leggo music, or street song for people who wanted to “let -go”.

Lavway is a song, a drum style, a process….

The Calinda, or the Lavway would be sung at the Canboulay festival – The precursor to our Carnival. It was improvising rhymes in a certain rhythmic style. [extempo].It is also associated with the Call and response setting of stick fighting that was assimilated into Calypso.

The Lavway was actually a drumming STYLE…a FUNCTION of sort in the stickfight. The music of the stick fight …was the drum and the VOICE! They were the instruments.There was the “bouller, the “fouller” and the “cutter “hammering a staccato beat, – The followed the movements of the Bois-Men – giving energy when needed , dictated the pace of the movements, sometimes pushing somethimes pulling, always necessary – all in harmony with the Lavway – the rhythm – the constant steady rhythm , and Chantuelle – the singer – who became our calypsonians- as men were egged on by women not to be cowards, but to jump into the gayelle to battle.

In modern times, a Lavway is a slower, rhythmic song. Because of the call and response format, it is easy to remember, a catchy groovy tempo without the staccato of the faster songs…

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